About Us

The main idea of Alion is to describe the amount of locally produced waste, to determine the ways of its rational use and to produce from it a 100% Georgian recycled ecologically clean product and to create a different product line. Our most important value is to create an ecologically clean, healthy and progressive environment for our own well-being and to prevent the process of desertification. Every 0.9m3 fuel biomass produced/sold by us replaces 1m3 wood resource.


The production technology of the wood briquettes & pellets product line is based on the process of pressing the wood waste finely chopped during heating. Biofuel, which is called "the fuel of the future", is an export-oriented, competitive product, in demand in the international market, and this demand is growing every year. It is a renewable, environmentally friendly source of energy and has a high concentration of energy at the expense of a small volume, the product is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and price.


Environmentally friendly, 100% wood products


Biofuel releases 500 kWh/kg more thermal energy and is characterized by a longer burning time.


Biomass fuel is a cheap and simple means that is unbeatable in its category.


The product requires 1/4 times less storage space than other wood burning mass, a simple, compact and effective way


Alion (Agrocult Team)